A selection of growing video games startups to follow in 2023 and beyond

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Whether you’re keen to work in game development or game marketing, the games industry is a lucrative entertainment category. The growth it’s currently experiencing doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon either, particularly when factoring in the selection of video games startups that are more than playing their part in gaming’s evident rise. 

Entering a highly competitive and challenging area of entertainment, video game startups are hoping to emulate the array of gaming companies that are out there, all of which helped contribute to the industry’s $180.3B in sales that was recorded in 2021 alone. In 2023, this go-to entertainment option for so many people is showing no signs of slowing down either. In fact, gaming is only going to get more advanced and, therefore, far more enticing for people as technology-based innovation continues to elevate its overall package. 

We’re already seeing people explore a variety of gaming opportunities. For example, smartphone gaming is booming at the moment thanks to the improved titles people can experience, such as PUBG Mobile and Genshin Impact. Online gaming is also popular right now, with people making the most of useful resources like the McLuck blog before diving in for a gaming adventure, be it through games like Sugar Rush or Money Cart 2. Now, as gaming continues to rise up the entertainment ranks, a selection of startups are aiming to make their own impact and add to this already diverse entertainment category. 

So, as an increasing amount of startups continue to record notable growth, let’s take a look at some companies to keep tabs on in 2023 and beyond. 

One Earth Rising

As the company’s name alludes to, One Earth Rising is a growing company that is aiming to create games that have a positive social impact. For example, a number of games released by the New York-based company focus on social themes, such as climate change and our own personal wellbeing. These powerful products not only offer a strong message, but they provide plenty of entertainment, particularly for PlayStation gamers. 

Chaos Karts

A UK-based startup with big plans, Chaos Karts is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of augmented reality with a AR kart game. Thanks to the success of AR products like Pokemon Go, this innovative area of gaming is experiencing momentum, with this London-based company aiming to create the next big AR-related product. Since starting in 2019, Chaos Karts has welcomed thousands of people to its venue in London, with more facilities expected to be opened in the near future. 

Drop Fake

Founded in 2021 in San Francisco, Drop Fake is a company with a seemingly massive future after announcing numerous plans in recent times, with many people being particularly excited about a cross-platform, 4X strategy game that the company is currently working on. Also including a workforce of people from underrepresented groups, Drop Fake is doing a lot right at the moment. 


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Working out of Warsaw in Poland, InSTREAMLY has managed to succeed after connecting gaming streamers to big brands who are chasing new audiences through the form of advertising. With over 78,000 streamers currently accessing the company’s huge selection of campaigns involving hundreds of brands, this excellent platform is aiming to make waves in the world of streaming. 


While the aforementioned Chaos Karts is aiming to release a number of excellent AR products, Japanese company, MyDearest, is specifically focussing on the growing virtual reality category. In fact, VR gaming is experiencing another boom after a fairly stop-start introduction, with this Tokyo-based company hoping to produce the next big VR gaming product. 

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