The Most Popular Student Games

When you’re not studying, you want to relax and gain strength for further achievements. Video games are a popular way to do this, and for good reason. In addition to the primary function of entertainment, they socialize and even develop helpful skills. If you have no time, consider websites that help with essays. You shouldn’t neglect your rest but rather delegate secondary tasks. And now to the top games that students are excited about.

Call of Duty

This industry stalwart is still a fan favorite, so we deservedly mention it first. The game has had its ups and downs, but most parts are still high quality by all criteria. Even though CoD was first released in 2003, it continues to improve its mechanics, design, and gameplay capabilities. For example, the development team added a multiplayer mode in the latest one – up to 100 gamers play together. No one can say that you spend time playing games instead of socializing.

Cyberpunk 2077

If you like futurism and good stories, that’s your place. CD Projekt allows you to become the main character and get to know that world better. Although skeptics initially pointed out technical flaws and denied the success, we can see that Cyberpunk 2077 is not going anywhere. People are attracted to the dark, open world, and difficult choices.

The Sims

Didn’t expect to see it here? We can’t leave this series of games behind, and neither can the fans. The main reason is the community. Players are constantly communicating with each other on forums and social media, and you’ve probably seen a lot of memes yourself. The appearance of the Sims caused a real resonance.

The most popular parts are obviously the third and fourth. There are no missions, no shooting, and even no plot as such. It’s a sandbox: you create characters and their lives. Do literally anything you want.


Most people have known this treasure since childhood: come home from school and go straight to the computer. Now, it’s the same with university, and homework is a must. The way out is to search websites that write essays for you on linkedin. Then, set aside some time for your favorite GTA.

In the latest installment, you have three characters that take turns to play. They all belong to the criminal world and are planning a big robbery. It’s up to you to make it happen. In addition to cars, you can control a helicopter and several other types of vehicles, which is interesting. But the main thing is nostalgia and a good time.


This work of the Dutch studio tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots. The main character, Eloy, and a few other survivors are exploring a new world, and we’re with them. Our weapons are bows and arrows, which is quite interesting against mechanical beasts.

The first installment was released in 2017 and received favorable critical acclaim – 89 points out of 100. And in 2022, Horizon Zero Dawn sold more than 20 million copies. The controls are complex and exciting, so it’s no wonder students are delighted.


The principle is similar to Sims, but the look is entirely different. You start with nothing and have to build everything you can imagine. Everything is possible in Minecraft, from small huts to giant fortresses, from cozy houses to majestic cities. Players explore deep caves, wild jungles, and mountaintops.

However, only some things are so simple. Nighttime brings danger – monsters you need to be protected from. And that’s not the only challenge in this seemingly perfect world. The best part is the ability to play with friends. So, create huge worlds, work on joint projects, and conquer new territories.

The Witcher

This epic fantasy series is based on the popular books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. In this world, we play the role of Geralt of Rivia, a witch and a professional monster hunter with unique abilities.

What makes The Witcher special? A vast open world filled with mysterious places, dangerous monsters, and interesting characters. You’ll find a lot of tasks and quests that affect the further plot. The developers have relied on dialogues and graphic quality, and for good reason. Landscapes, locations, and character details create an incredible atmosphere and deepen immersion.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a lot of choice. And we’ve mentioned only the best of the best, but you can explore endlessly. It’ll take a while to try at least a few and choose your favorite. Take some time off from your classes and check good services for help with essay on reddit. While the professionals write your text, you’ll have a rest from the heart and return to your studies with a fresh head. So, grab your console and go for it.

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