How to create a press kit for games and apps (plus press kit examples)

This article explains the importance of a press kit, plus some press kit examples and press kit templates that will help you to create your own press kit.

Getting your game, apps or product featured in one of the major blogs or websites is a huge challenge. But it’s something that you need to do if you want to get the right visibility that your product deserves.

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a collection of information (media, descriptions, story etc ) about your product. The point is to have all the info in one place, making the life of journalists easier, since they don’t have to research all the info about your product and your company.

In essence, you give them what they need to write about your product.

Why a press kit is important?

Imagine that you are a blogger and your job is to review new games on the market. You get an average of a few emails per day where developers ask you to review their products.

If the developers don’t have a press kit, the chance for their game to be picked is close to zero, because the effort to get all the info to write about their game becomes too much and unworthy.

But if you are given all the info that you need, then maybe they’ll have a better chance of getting picked.


What should I put in my press kit?

  1. All the info about your game
    1. Date of release
    2. Price
    3. Supported platforms
    4. Contact info
    5. Socials
    6. Website
  2. Description
  3. Screenshots
  4. Video
  5. What others say about your game
  6. Company bio
  7. Logos and icons
  8. Artworks
  9. Music
  10. Credits

As you can see, a journalist can simply find what they need to write about your game

Some press kit examples

  1. Shovel Knight
  2. Square Maze (mobile game)
  3. Purecycles (app)
  4. Thejimmycase (app)
  5. Tiny-and-big
  6. octodadgame

There are some services like dopresskit that will make the press kit for you, just in case you don’t have enough time or experience.

Where to publish your press kit?

The best place is to have a page in your game/app website. When I send my press kit to a blogger, I used to attach also a pdf version of the press kit.

Press kit Tips

Before sending the press kit to your favourite blogs/journalists, send the press kit to a couple of trusted friends and ask them what they think about it. This will give you a nice idea if something is wrong or missing in your press kit.


A press kit is an essential marketing instrument. You can’t go anywhere without it. So remember to keep your press kit updated and dedicate enough time to get it right.


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