Best Unity 2d plugins and more for game developers.

Best unity 2d plugins

The following article about the best unity 2d plugins has been written with the intent to help your team choose between the best unity plugins to develop your games.

Why we use plugin? The answer is easy: To save a lot of time. Unity 2d plugins are made to make our life easier. Even if you think that some of them are expensive, the price is still extremely cheap compared to the time that you’d have to spend to develop those solutions by yourself.

SVG Importer

User vectorial image inside your game.


This unity 2d plugin is an amazing resource to resolve the multi resolutions problem across multiple devices. We used this plugin in all of our mobile games and we’re absolutely happy about the result. Here is a brief  description about of what this plug in does:

“SVG importer automatically converts SVG files into highly optimised meshes and fully supports linear and radial gradients.”

With this plugin you can forget to create multiple sprite sheets for multiple device resolutions. The same svg image will work with whatever resolutions your device is  and the images will always be sharp and maintain the image quality across multiple devices.

You can find this plug in on the asset store at this link.

Price: 44.46€

Texture Packer

Spirte sheets for everyone

Texture packare

One of the best unity plugins that helps you to create amazing and optimized sprite sheets.

Here is a short description about what this plug in does:

“The TexturePacker Importer extends the Unity editor to read sprite atlas data created with Texture Packer. It imports each sprite atlas as native Unity 2D spritesheet, the sprites can directly be used in the editor”

Alternatively you can use the unity sprite packer tool which is built into the editor, but I prefer this one because it optimizes the meshes better compared to the unity sprite packer and it gives you better control over how the sprite sheets are created.

You can find TexturePacker on the asset store at this link.

Price: 39.99€


Best Animations Unity 2d plugins

Here is a list of the most used unity 2d pulgins for animations. Some of them can also be used for 3d projects.



On of the best unity 2d plugins available in the asset store. It has more than 2252 positive reviews and it comes for free. It has a lot of helpful tools to help you create amazing and simple animations via code.

Short description from the asset store:

“More “wow” for a lot less “ow”. iTween is a simple, powerful and easy to use animation system for Unity.”

Here is the link to the plugin.

Price: FREE.

AE2Unity: After Effect To Unity Animation


Are you used to working with Adobe After Effects? No problem! With this unity plugin you can directly import your after effects animations directly into unity. All animations are converted into native animations.

Here is the link to the asset store.

Price: 22.23 €



Animate directly into Unity

A great unity 2d plugin to animate your character directly into unity.

Short description about this plugin:

“Puppet2D is an advanced 2D Skeletal Animation Tool. Animating 2D characters in Unity is made easy with bones, controls and mesh skinning for 2D sprites.”

Here is the link to the asset.

Price: 40.20€

Ultimate mobile:

Ultimate Mobile

Do you need to integrate native services into your game? This plugin is what you need. From google admob to in-app purchase. This plugin has all you need to integrate native os services into your game. It supports Windows phone, iOS and Android.

Here is the store link:

Price: 62.53€

Smart localization:

Smart localization

Do you know that you must localize your game to increase its visibility? This is one of the best unity plugins that adds localizations to your game.

A short description of this plugin from the asset store:

“Smart Localization automatically creates a new folder structure where you can save all your localization data. It saves the language files in the .resx file format. ResX is commonly used for globalization and localization.”

Here is the link to the store.

Price:  free – pro version available for 26.80€

Asset Huner 2

asset hunter 2

We all do experiments in our unity projects, we often forget to clean our projects from unused assets. This unity plugin does the dirty jobs for you.

Short description from the asset store:

“Asset Hunter is a tool that analyzes your buildlog and gives you an easily understandable overview over unused assets in your project folder.”

The results are grouped into folders and file types, making it easy to start cleaning up your project.


Here the link to the asset store.

Price: 22.33€

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