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Game analytics: Analyze and improve your game with analytics


Why should you use Metrics and game analytics in your game? Most of the time the importance of analytics in game development is underestimated. But we must understand why metrics are so important and why we should always add analytics to our game. Why Game analytics are important So the…

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Game design: The five stages of choice made by every player


If you have played a game before, you’d be familiar with the situation of “choice making” and the five stages of choice. The process of deciding on a certain choice instead of another can depend on a specific series of factors but, it can be summed up into five stages. Those…

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How to get a job in the game industry

How to get a job in the game industry with 6 simple tips


Get a job in the game industry is not easy, even if  is and industry that makes more than 60bn a year and is growing year after year, is even bigger than Hollywood. The job opportunities are huge and the game companies are constantly increasing, but the technical barrier to get into…

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How to detect swipe direction in Unity

How to detect swipe direction in Unity


Detect swipe direction in Unity is one of the most common issues to solve. I had this problem in one of my last game: ” Color Slide“. In fact, I had the problem to detect the direction of the swipe in order to move the tail in the right direction….